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How marketing works on a B2C site

Can you please help me explain how marketing works on a B2C site? Please give specifics. Thank you.

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Few characteristics of B2C Marketing:

B2C's marketing strategy is product driven and aimed at maximizing the value of the transaction.
B2C's customer base can be very large.
B2C sites usually engage themselves in mass marketing.
B2C customers are price conscious, and thus, often needs to be enticed by point of purchase activities or merchandising activites like coupons, discounts, etc.
For B2C, branding is extremely essential to induce customers to buy, pay a premium price and become loyal customers.

The ultimate goal of B2C marketing is to convert shoppers into buyers as aggressively and consistently as possible. B2C companies employ more merchandising activities like coupons, displays, store fronts (both real and Internet) and offers to entice the target market to buy. B2C marketing campaigns are concerned with the transaction, are shorter in duration and need to capture the customer's interest immediately. These campaigns often offer special deals, discounts, or vouchers that can be used both online and in the ...

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How marketing works on a B2C site.