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Market Segmentation and Market Mix

Does your company segment its market and tailor market mix to different segments?

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My company sells automotive and industrial coatings and related materials. We segment our market into three main categories: 1) B2C comprised mainly of DIY'ers. 2) B2B comprised of automotive collision repair shops and 3) B2B comprised of industrial manufacturers.

DIY'ers include household users who attempt everything from the repair of their vehicle in the event of minor dings and dents to full antique restorations. This group represents about 10% of our sales and 15% of our profits.

B2B group 1 is made up of body shops that perform collision repair work for insurance companies on behalf of their customers (the automobile owners). This group represents about 60% of our sales and 50% of our profits.

B2B group 2 is made up of industrial manufacturers including machine shops and large scale firms involved in the fabrication and assembly of everything from windmill ...

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An analysis of how an automotive and industrial coatings company segments its market and tailors its market mix to these segments.