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    Understanding marketing process - Men's Wearhouse

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    MEN'S WEARHOUSE - The 800 Pound Gorilla of Men's Suits

    1) What is Men's Wearhouse's (MW) point of differentiation? How would you characterize their corporate strategy?

    MW's point of differentiation was established in 1973 by George Zimmer in that he wanted to sell men's suit like no other company had before. Consider that during that year, the market needed a company like MW and competition was nearly non-existent. Their point of differentiation was to make the male shopping experience as "quick and painless" as possible (considering to Zimmer, that most men are not particularly fond of 'shopping'). The company "dedicated itself to customer service and easily saw the link between human resources, marketing, operations, and financial responsibility."
    MW's corporate strategy appears to be focused on building brand image and promoting their every day values and service provided to their (chiefly male) customers.

    Currently, the company's mission: "is to maximize sales, provide value to our ...

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