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    Compare and contrast the management style

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    A. Compare and contrast the management style at your (Ford Credit) organization with the management style at an organization that has adopted Total Quality Management.

    b. Discuss the characteristics of the other organization's Total Quality Management style and compare those characteristics with your own organization.

    c. Discuss the extent to which the other organizations TQM practices could be integrated into your organization.

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    a. Compare and contrast the management style at your (Ford Credit) organization with the management style at an organization that has adopted Total Quality Management.
    Ford is one of the largest carmakers and has a product line of eight different carlines which holds to be very impressive to the vehicle consumer. Some of these brands include Jaguar, Aston Martin, Land Rover etc. It is also involved in financing its products through its subsidiary Ford Motor credit. (www.yahoo.com).

    Ford is a huge organization and its size and culture is becoming a stumbling block for innovation and growth. Thus its human resource management systems have to be improved as per the best practices of the industry as its performance is not up to the mark. According to Fortune, it's extremely vital that companies constantly reinvent themselves and develop and sustain flexible business models to remain competitive in an information-based economy. Ford has become inefficient as compared to the Japanese peers. Total quality management can really help in eliminating wastage and improving operating efficiencies. A comprehensive quality management process will help this process in rolling out a world class product at competitive prices.

    For any organization, in order to survive competition in this fierce and dynamic business environment, it is necessary to constantly look out for opportunities to grow as well as reduce costs, which can be supported by Total Quality Management Process. It will not only help the company in creating products which meets the utmost standards in quality and provide ultimate customer satisfaction, which is the prima facie goal of TQM process, but also helps in improving company's bottom line profits by increasing operating efficiencies, eliminating wastages and creating a conducive environment for growth of the company. The employees get a healthy environment which maximizes their efficiencies and enable them to perform at their best levels. Therefore, the quality improvement process pushes the company from all angles in achieving its strategic goal and plans, in both the short term as well as the long term.

    Ford Credit is a service organization. Hence I have taken an example of a service organization known as UPS.
    Benefits of UPS services to the customer:

    ? Fast pickup and guaranteed reliability
    ? A variety of same-day delivery options designed to fit your needs, ranging from standard door-to-door service to chartered aircraft delivery
    ? Access to more than 30,000 domestic and international flights per day to get your shipment to its destination on schedule
    ? Online quick quotes for instant pricing and route options
    ? Ability to book your shipments online
    ? From pickup to delivery, online reporting allows for constant contact with your shipment so you're aware of its routing progress every step of the way
    ? Real-time updates on the status of your delivery in any format you desire: e-mail, telephone, fax, PDA, or cellular telephone

    Assuring customer satisfaction by efficient supply chain management

    They understand not only their customers and related needs, but have also figured out ways to deliver more value. They have expanded the roles they can play in the overall value web by leveraging their ...

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