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    Compare and contrast business organizations

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    Using Johnson and Johnson and a second organization in the same industry as the subject matter, research the elements of business, compare and contrast the two selected organizations, including:

    â?¢Analyzes the basic legal, social, and economic environment in which the organizations operate
    â?¢Analyzes the managerial, operational, and financial issues impacting the organizations including:
    â-¦Company Culture and Performance
    â-¦Promotion Policies
    â-¦Strategic Decisions Making
    â-¦Decision-Making Style
    â-¦Management Style
    â-¦Leadership Style
    â-¦Communication Style
    â-¦Use of SWOT Tool
    â-¦Operations Strategy Framework
    â?¢Analyzes the impact of potential change factors as they relate to the functions of management for both organizations including:
    â-¦Changing External Conditions

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