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    Quality Management and Productivity

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    Can you help me find the answers to these questions: (I chose the US BANK)

    1. How do I evaluate the US Bank's mission, vision, goals and objectives and how do i discuss the relationship between quality and each of the following.

    2. How do I compare and contrast the management style at the US Bank with the management style at an organization that has adopted TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT.

    3. How do I discuss the characteristics of the other organization's TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT style and compare those characteristics with US Bank.

    4. How do i discuss the extent to which the other organizations TQM practices could be integrated into US Bank.

    Can you help me? Can you give me the sources and can your answers be in paragraphs? Thank you.

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    Solution Summary

    Referring to the U.S. Bank, this solution addresses the questions which address various aspects of the bank (mission, objectives, etc.) and compares the bank's quality management and productivity with other organizations. Examples are also provided.