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Theoretical Framework

New drug court proposal presentation strategies

Please help me with ideas and strategies for a presentation to give to a federal judge (who is volunteering to be a county drug court judge also) and the steering committee starting up a new drug court for the area. I attended a week of drug court and have to come up with my own idea for a presentation. Also, we viewed teen cou

Cultural point of others

I need to find 10 references which three should be from sociologists views that Generate and evaluate reasons why people may not appreciate the cultural points view by others. Discuss how appreciating cultural diversity affects peoples' ability to communicate effectively in the context of a multi-national corporation or an

Theoretical Perspectives of Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, and Max Weber

'...Sociology was born out of the transformation which wrenched the industrializing order of the west away from the forms of life characteristics of pre-existing societies...' (Giddens, 1986). One of the major changes (transformations) that occurred in the late 18th and early 19th centuries was the emergence of sharp heterogene

Functionalist Perspective: Black American & the Media

I am looking for help for a discussion on: 1. The portrayal of African Americans and television shows from the Functionalist Perspective, such as how the treatment of Blacks has changed over time and how often they are portrayed as real people vs stereotypes or token walk-ons. Thank you.

Sociological imagination of alcoholiism and drug addiction on society

Can someone please help me, I need help with this? Use the Sociological Imagination to discuss the unbreakable connection between individual experiences and the social impact if being an alcoholic or drug addict and the broader impact of alcoholism/ drug addiction on society.

Weakening of families as one cause for societal problems

Many experts cite the weakening of the family as one of the causes for some of the problems our society faces today. Do you agree or disagree? In your response, include the following: Identify important changes in families since 1960. What factors are responsible for this change? On the balance, are families becoming weaker

The effect of Max Weber's life on his theory.

What connections can be drawn between Max Weber's life story and his theory? How did childhood, education, work and personal relationships shape his sociological ideas and research? I am aware that Weber's father had a political career and his mother was Calvinist. I need someone to break this down in "lay" terms. I have read

Max Weber

What connections can be drawn between Max Weber's life story and his theory? How did childhood, education, work, and personal relationships shape his sociological ideas and research? Please provide suggestions/ideas on this topic. Thank you.

Violence toward women in interpretive and critical frameworks

Think about ways in which violence toward women could be studied using interpretative and critical frameworks. What would change and why? What different types of information would you likely obtain? Included in the solution are some ideas for answering the above questions, including an outline suggestion for writing an essay.

Ethnocentrism and its application to TV programs.

Watch the "Iron Chef" (on cable TV food network) or a foreign film (with subtitles) such as "Shall We Dance" and use your reactions as part of your response to the following topic: Define ethnocentrism and how it affects individuals, societies, and multinational corporations. Comments from OTA: Does the teacher want you to

Dominant Ideology & Literature, music...

I need an in-depth explanation in order to answer the chapter question of how is dominant ideology evident in literature, music, movies, theater, television programs, and sporting events? Any help would be great on a deeper explanation.

Divorce and Unwed Motherhood in America

In terms of divorce and unwed motherhood briefly explain why the programs put froward by new consensus advocates don't offer practical solutions to the difficulties facing marriages and families today.

1950s vs. Today: Governmental and Eonomic differences

1. Describe two fundamental differences, one governmental and one economic, between the 1950s and today. 2. Briefly discuss one reason why these differences promoted a period of relative stability in 1950s American family life.

Durkheim's "religious" theory & the film "Whale Rider" (2003)

Please help me with following questions. I am looking for a thorough application of the theory to the movie content and then I can write mt essay from a personal perspective. Thank you. ---------- 1. How can Emile Durkheim's perspective as found in Chapter 7 of his Elementary Forms of the Religious Life be applied to the

Marx, Mills & Jean Kilbourne

Please provide some ideas/suggestions for the following topics: (1) Post thoughts on some aspect of the "colonization of your lifeworld" and relate it to Marx and the Manifesto: a) For those of you who are on, you can check out the link I've posted to an article that argues that TheFacebook is a form of

Titanic Movie - Analysis

Please help me with ideas/suggestions/information to point me in the right direction for the following: Analyze the movie through ONE of the systems world theories (Marx/Mills OR Weber/Ritzer) and ONE of the life world theories (Durkheim OR Parsons) and compare the systems world theory with the lifeworld theory. You stil

Yurok (20th century) vs. SE Nations (19th century)

1. Contrast and compare the Yurok and Southeast Nations according to: (a) early world view, (b) early cultural differentiation, and (c) early institutional differentiation. Make comparative and analytic conclusion between the Yurok and Southeast Nations. [consider world view and conservatism definition and argument, comparison

Colonial Impact: Yurok and Southeastern Indians (1800-1907)

Colonial Relations Among the Yurok Communities and the Native nations of the Southeast. Analysis: What are the major colonial impacts in terms of: 1. Geopolitical (hegemonic, competitive and/or administrative) relations. What are the ways in which differing geopolitical relations affected social change among the Yurok

Food Industry and obesity

What is the food industry, who belongs in it, and how does it influence Americans' eating habits? To what extent, if any, is the food industry responsible for the obesity epidemic? Don't you think that consumers are exclusively responsible for this problem? The manufacturers/producers, seller, and consumers/buyers belong in t

A sociology paper (for PhD level OTA)

I am working on a paper with resource partitioning theory (about 1500). Looking for a PhD level OTA who can edit and comment on my paper immediately. Post a message first if you can begin the revisions now. It's not necessary for you to be very familiar with the theory. 1 credit/200 words

Business Ethics Explored

Karen works at Verizon. She is a part time sales rep, and she always meets her quota. Succeeding is important to her, but she is unwilling to "snake" (steal activations) from her co-workers. However, lately she has noticed that Maria has been skipping customers on the guest list so that she can take the customers that want to