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    Theoretical Framework

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    Sociology Newpaper or Magazine article

    Assistance is needed with a legal issue analysis of a newspaper or magazine article that discusses a legal aspect of a specific diversity issue (e.g., harassment, ADA, and so forth). In order to successfully complete this analysis, you must identify and read a newspaper or magazine article. Then, use that article as a tool to

    Starbucks Diversity paper

    Hi OTA, Can you help me to complete the attached assignment that is highlighted in blue? I need 400 or 500 word for section 2 & 3. Please provide references in the APA format.

    Goddess Myth

    Female Divine - Describe functions / elements of one goddess myth (new example of a femaile divine).

    Value of Diversity in the Workplace Paper

    Hi OTA, Please help me with this assignment. I need to write 1,200 to 1,400 words and references in APA format. Please provide examples. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From experience(3rd person) select a specific situation, conflict or problem

    Sociology discussion questions

    Choose and discuss ONE legislated safeguard against discrimination and harassment that managers and coworkers would need to be aware of in their own development of diversity skills and diversity consciousness in the workplace? In your response, be sure to focus on the general purpose of the safeguard (in your own words) and prov

    Spirituality and confict resolution

    Can you please help me with these questions? Thank you. 1. Although spirituality can play an important role in CR (conflict resolution), it can also raise important ethical questions: Because many forms of spirituality are "accepted on faith," how do we know that they are effective? Is it ethical to use a spiritually based i

    315 Sociology question

    How is it possible that individuals speaking the same language may confront cultural barriers to communication? Please discuss one of these languages argot, colloquialisms, euphemisms, jargon and/or slang. .

    Female Divine Article

    Identify a scholarly article that discusses some aspect of the female divine in contemporary culture. (This might range anywhere from discussions on goddesses in advertising found in an article on marketing to discussions of feminine principles in contemporary theology.) A short summary is needed on the selected article.

    Perception of Reality

    Write out your definition of reality? How is reality perceived? Is there more to the universe than meets the eye? How do you know?

    Myths of Female Divine

    Myths of the female divine focus on goddesses. Many of the goddessess are mothers, and many give birth to other gods. How do these myths of birth relate to the creation myths?

    Questions to compile a paper on advocacy and mediation

    Hi, I need some direction on how to answer the following question for a paper I have to complete. Thank you for all your consideration and help. 1. Describe how and why to adopt a win-win approach when mediating. Select 3 examples of win-win attitudes/behaviors that support successful resolution. 2. Discuss the d

    Theories of Myth: Mythography

    Summarizing and applying theories of myth to selected creation myths. Myth and knowing discusses a variety of theoretical approaches scholars use to better understand mythology. Select three of those theories and summarize them. Then, compare two creation myths using the theories you summarized to explain how each creation fu

    Creation of Myth vs Big Bang Theory

    What happens if you treat the scientific account of the big bang theory as a creation of myth? In other words, can the creation myth and the big bang theory be compatible or can one explain the other?

    Diversity Action Plan (DAP) for Starbucks

    Hi OTA, Please help me with this assignment below. I need 700 words with references in APA format. o Include a description of the selected organization including who it serves, how it operates, its current relationship with diversity, and how new trends in diversity may or may not effect it. o Also consider: Is the

    Origin stories vs Classic myths

    In what ways are the origin stories told about groups in which you are a part (for example, a nation, a company, a church) similar to and different from classic myths? Please pick one myth and research / discuss it.

    Media & Diversity + Equal Access Benefits.

    In your opinion, are stereotypes in the media assisting or detracting from the cause of diversity and/or assimilation? What is the effect of media portrayal on promoting diversity consciousness in the workplace? If women and other minorities did not face barriers to equal pay and access to opportunities, who WOULD benefit?

    Mediator Interview

    Include the following information: ? Agency or organization and title of the interviewee ? Describe the mediation role this individual plays within the agency ? Describe the populations served by this agency ? Describe a mediation model or template that is used with each population. Is the mediator speaking on behalf


    1. Participants in Mediation often experience heightened emotions. As a mediator you will need to recognize the possibilities of expressed and unexpressed hostility. What are some guidelines for handling hostility and hostile gestures in the mediation process? (Leviton, 2004) 2. The central tenet of interest based negotiatio

    Grey's Anatomy Media Reaction

    Thank you, Here is the outline: - How did (or did not) the article, television show, or motion picture attempt to address the diversity represented in the American landscape? Use specific information, episodes or scenes from your source to illustrate you points. - To what extent did the article, show or motion picture re

    Review of Mediation and Advocacy

    Internet /Literature Review of Mediation and Advocacy in the Human Services Field: Visit at least three web sites on the Internet (e.g., http://www.crmg.com/ or http://www.mediator.org/) to explore the information available linking mediation and advocacy to human services. Submit a Summary of your findings.

    Conflict Resolution

    1. Identify and briefly describe an issue that you have wanted to discuss with a friend, family member or co-worker but have avoided discussing. What are your reasons for wanting to have this discussion? What are your fears and concerns? What are the costs of not having the discussion? What suggestions from this week's readings

    Advocacy and Mediation

    1. Compare and Contrast the role of an advocate with the role of a mediator. (Barsky, 1993) 2. Identify a client that could use assistance in advocating. Consider the sources of power identified in your reading. What are your client's strengths as a negotiator? What are your client's limitations? As an advocate trying to help