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    Grey's Anatomy Media Reaction

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    Here is the outline:

    - How did (or did not) the article, television show, or motion picture attempt to address the diversity represented in the American landscape? Use specific information, episodes or scenes from your source to illustrate you points.
    - To what extent did the article, show or motion picture rely on stereotypes when depicting a certain group? Use specific information, episodes or scenes from your source to illustrate your points.
    - Assess whether or not you believe the selected article, television show or motion picture fostered a better understanding of diversity and multiculturalism. Justify your answer by using specific information, episodes or scenes from your source to illustrate your points.

    Review the characteristics listed in each of the following categories: "Presumed American Cultural Norms" and "Presumed Cultural Norms of Other Cultures." Based on personal experience, list the possible advantages and disadvantages of each cultural norm. Also, indicate whether the norms are true.
    Presumed American Cultural Norms
    True/False Advantages Disadvantages
    Emphasis on promptness and time
    Direct, explicit communication
    Competitive spirit
    Rugged individualism
    Informality in relationships
    Presumed Cultural Norms of Other Cultures
    True/False Advantages Disadvantages
    Emphasis on harmony and order
    Respect for authority and/or age
    Precedence of group over the individual
    Focus on relationship building
    Emphasis on saving face

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    Grey's Anatomy Media Reaction Paper
    The television show that I chose to write about for this media reaction paper is the critically acclaimed Grey's Anatomy, which airs on ABC every Thursday night. Grey's Anatomy has been lauded as a top rated entertainment source that depicts diversity in America in a realistic and stereotype free manner. The show began in 2005 with a cast of multi-ethnic characters, ranging in race from Asian, African American, Caucasian and Jewish. The setting of the show is a fast paced hospital in Seattle, Washington, that has a constant stream of patients entering through its ever revolving doors. The hospital is realistic in its customer base, with a wide range of races, economic backgrounds and cultural beliefs incorporated into the characters. The main cast of the show consists of an Asian intern named Cristina Yang, Callie Torres a Latino surgical resident, Preston Burke an African American head of Cardiology, Miranda Ballie an African American surgical resident, Chief Richard Webber another African American, and a host of Caucasian members as well.
    The typical stereotypes that you expect to find surrounding different races and ethnicities is blessedly absent in this television drama. None of the comic spoofing that so often exists when using a multi ethnic cast exists. No ridiculous jokes or plot lines about "baby mamas" or "crack addicts" are made in reference to the African American characters. When Callie is on screen there are no references to Latin foods, small yapping dogs or low riding vehicles with high spoilers. The bad jokes and racist commentary have been blissfully left behind for a show with less class. Grey's Anatomy treats all of its characters, regardless of race, to the dignity and intelligent traits that they deserve.
    The Director of the show, Shonda Rhimes was very conscientious in selecting her cast for the show as well as assigning the personalities and cultural attributes that make each person who they are on the show. When Shonda was writing the roles she did not have a specific race in mind, rather she wrote the roles as a blank template that would be filled by the best person for each part. The various characters fell into place when ...

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