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    Social Norms and Diversity

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    Social norms and traditions are part of what defines a culture, and in a country such as the United States, we have a diverse population with varied cultural traditions. One of the challenges for us as a nation is to understand this diversity.

    From your understanding of stereotypes and social norms, do you think television programs and commercials provide a realistic view of the diverse groups in the United States? Explain your answer by using specific examples.

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    On the contrary, I strongly think that television programs and commercials do not provide a realistic view of the diverse groups in the United States at all. Instead, I feel like they cater to white, middle class America as a whole.

    For example, I cannot name a single Asian American character, other than Christina on Grey's Anatomy or He-Jun from American Idol, that represents this strong subgroup. Most shows are predominantly focused on white viewers and their lives. When they do end up focusing on the lives of Asian identified individuals, stereotypes are heavily used: for example, the ...

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    This solution briefly addresses how American social norms and diversity are perpetuated through media venues. A personal perspective is employed.