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    An Analysis of Workplace Diversity

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    1: How does diversity play a part within the workplace? In what ways would you manage a diverse workforce?

    2: Describe some of the advantages or disadvantages of having a diverse environment. In what ways does conflict facilitate creativity within a diverse workforce?

    3: What concerns and considerations should managers be aware of regarding diversity within a working environment? How do managers promote diversity appropriately? Explain your answer.

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    Diversity plays a unique part in the workplace, due to the fact that diversity helps to facilitate an atmosphere where there will be diverse perspectives, ideology, and input, that will result in a plethora of potentially helpful solutions to workplace problems, which will invariably lead to a more prosperous organization. I would manage a diverse workforce by becoming culturally aware of many of the practices and beliefs that are held by the members of my diverse workforce, in order to tailor my interactions with these individuals in a manner that will produce mutual respect and cooperation. I would also ensure that I treat ...