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    cultural diversity in the media

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    In your own words could you help me come up with how a tv show or movie might portray cultural diversity in the media how it stereotyped certain groups and if it gave a better understanding of diversity and mulitculturalism or not. Thank You!

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    Dear Student,
    Because of the time constraint you had on this assignment, I will still be able to provide you with examples that are going to help you out more than what you had before from Sesame Street and Grey's Anatomy. I'll be drawing examples from a classic TV show, F*R*I*E*N*D*S as well as Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" (the Franco Zeferrelli as director version). Please do check out the movie if you can; you will enjoy watching it.

    As we all know, F*R*I*E*N*D*S was a very popular show while it was out in the 90s decade. The show mentions largely the nationalities they were from. I believe that both Monica and Ross, even though Caucasian, had some Jewish in their blodd because Ross had to keep up with the "Hannukah" tradition with his first born son, Ben. A couple of two other women were viewed as a minority back in the days (when gays were as out the closet as they are now): Carol and Susan. Before we go into the individual characters on the issue of cultural diversity in the TV show as well as how this diversity stereotyped a certain group, "the women they dated".

    For a giveaway, we know that Joey Tribianni was an Italian American working as an actor; throughout the seasons and the epidsodes, he continuously dated women for once, slept with them, and never called them back. That routine seemed to work out for him until he confessed his love for Rachel, one of his friends who had a ...

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