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    What is Cultural Diversity?

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    Write a minimum 5 pages reflection critical analysis' essay of "What is Cultural Diversity?" This video forum reflection should explore the bio-psycho-social factors that human beings confront in a complex and dynamic society.


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    Reflection: On Prof. Sarat Maharaj's ideas on Cultural Diversity

    Sarat Maharaj's observations of cultural diversity takes into account the varied practices social, political and economic he has observed in the UK and around the world. My own reading of it is that Maharaj's lecture presents a critique of the current practice. He observes that the notion of cultural diversity today is about social inclusion and the UK society is one that appears to be apologetic of its colonial past that to be politically correct, the government and its people are sensitive to ensuring that at least, publicly, the nation cannot be faulted for being discriminative and racist by not including people who are other than the 'traditional' definition of Britishness - either belonging to the Welsh, the English, the Northern Irish or Scottish stock. British history is an open book of colonial imperialism wherein the empire it carved controlled 1/3 of the world's territories in its height. Britain led and drove the slave trade and took land and power from the peoples it colonised, maximising profit for its enterprising naval powers and entrepreneurs, glory to the English crown via military and territorial conquests in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australasia. In a way, Maharaj is talking about the notion of cultural diversity as a kind of social inclusion based on the notion that doing so is correcting the wrongs or paying the price of colonial abuses that within British society, any accusation from a minority group about alleged discrimination becomes a huge political issue, with equality having become a 'guiding principle' within government systems.

    But is it really a guiding principle? This is no different, in my opinion from the current accusation coming out from America in relation to how the government and society treats its majority groups. In several American universities and colleges, a quota has been set in relation to intake from ethnic and minority groups so that standards had been lowered to 'admit' intakes. But these standards only apply to these ...

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    The solutioon is a 1,517-word tutorial narrative that discusses the topic of cultural diversity, specifically to explore what it is about and how it is practiced and why it is important via an analysis of a video documentary on the topic. The biological, psychological and social factors that influence and move our increasingly diverse and complex society are included in this discussion of diversity.