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Theoretical Framework

Inauguration Potential Ramifications

I need help in the introduction of the Sociological problem - How is our society going to be affected by the 1st female president or the first black president - Inauguration potential ramifications. I need to describe research methods/designs that will be used to collect and analyze data, I need to explain why this method is m

Power and Politics

Text I'm using for this Class: Schermerhorn, John R. Jr., Hunt, James G., Osborn, Richard N. (2005), Organizational Behavior, (Ninth Edition), John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (Chapters 2,3 and 11) I need herlp in creating the following: Using the readings from the text prepare a 700 - 1,400 - word paper in which you comp

Analysing Motivation

Please help: A fictitious organization named ABC, Inc. (in the business of developing widgets) employs the following three types of employees: salespeople, production workers, and administrative staff. Discuss the following motivation theories and why they would be most effective to motivate the employee group and explai

How social, psychological and biological issues influence addiction.

You are trying to understand theories that address why certain people become addicted to drugs while others do not. Identify and discuss at least 2 different theories regarding how social, psychological and biological issues influence addiction. Identify strengths and weaknesses in how each theory is able to explain addiction.

Sociological Analysis of Chosen Passages

#1 Explain the following quote as to why you think it is a good example of the term "Mass Media" "An ad of their seeking franchisees later spelled out the benefis of the system: Imagine- No Carhops-No waitresses-no dishwashers-no bus boys-the McDonald's System is Self Service!" #2 Explain the following quote as to why y

The effects of different drugs

You are interested in finding out more about the effects of different drugs . For each of the following drugs: amphetamine, MDMA (ecstasy), and nicotine, use your available resources to research those drug and then discuss the following: ---What are the current demographics and trends for usage of the drug? ---What are the

Diversity in the workplace

What do we mean by diversity in the workplace? Why is it important as managers to understand diversity? Please give examples from your own experience.

Personality Styles

Please see attachment. I need help in preparing a 700-800 word paper. After taking an assessment, I found out that my personality style is the Assessor/Cautious Style. I need to explain what the cautious style is and then compare and contrast the Harmonizer/Steadiness Style (The cautious style and the steadiness style).

Smoking marijuana for medical reasons

Library assignment) Marie J., a 54-year-old woman, has been arrested for possession of marijuana. She states that she has been smoking marijuana for medical reasons; she has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer and started using marijuana to help her with the side effects of chemotherapy. Marie states that the other medic


Hello! I need help in completing the following paper: Prepare a 1,050-1,750-word paper in which you select four to five types of diversity and demographic characteristics from the list below and examine the impact of each on individual behavior: a. Ethnicity b. Gender c. Age d. Socioeconomic status e. Sexual orientatio

Case study - Walrus

Please help. I am supposed to do a case study on a work-related fable. I dont know where to start. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please read the case study called "The Poorly Informed Walrus" Prepare answers to the two questions at the end of the case. When answering the questi

Worker conflict and email communication

This is an example of a "flame" exchanged through electronic mail in an organization. It resulted in a few more messages and seriously damaged the working relationship of the two employees. Their conflict affected their job performance and extended to other parts of the organization, taking up significant time and money. Both em

History of oppression of and discrimination against Native Americans in the U.S.

Please provide assistance with the questions following the scenario below. --------------------------------- The Figaro high school sports teams are called the Redskins and the team logo is a caricatured portrayal of a smiling Native American. The team mascot is called the Chief, and it is a tradition for the Chief to le

Explaining Effective Groups

Why is it important when working as a group that you (and/or) the group be: 1. trusting rather than suspicious 2. helping rather than ignoring/blocking 3. expressing rather than repressing feelings 4. risk taking rather than cautious or visa versa 5. authentic rather than game playing 6. confronting rather than avoiding

Discuss the dynamics of oppression and discrimination in Pakistan and India

One member of the town council was recently quoted as referring to the Indian and Pakistani residents of the town as basically being the same people with the same culture. He can't understand the angry reactions of the Indian and Pakistani residents. You need to send an e-mail to the mayor and town council in order to explain ex

Carol Smith is suing a local company for gender and age discrimination

Carol was repeatedly passed over for promotions in favor of male colleagues who had lower performance reviews. She is now 62 years old and states that in recent years the company has been giving her low-prestige and difficult assignments in an effort to get her to resign. She thinks this is because of her age. When she would no

Perspectives on Changes in Adulthood

Hello. I need assistance to write an essay answering the following questions: 1-What is your personal philosophy on changes that occur throughout early, middle, and late adulthood? 2-How do you perceive changes in activities, relationships, health, and mental outlook? 3-Are your views based on experience and/or observation?

The Organizing Function of Management: McDonald's

I need help in putting together an analysis of the food chain/corporation of McDonald's. The following are what I need to do: Evaluate the organizing function of management as it relates to at least two or three of the following organizational resources: a. Physical assets b. Monetary c. Human resources d. Knowledge e. T

Management and Leadership

Hi, do you think you can help me with this problem? Thanks. Address the following as it relates to Southwest Airlines: 1. Examine the roles and responsibilities of leaders in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture. 2. Differentiate between management and leadership. 3. Describe the roles that organi

Encouraging Diversity in a Student Body: Affirmative Action

Problem: What are the reasons for encouraging diversity in a student body? How would you describe the value "diversity" in this context and what kinds of diversity would you include as valuable? What are the social and economic injustices that affirmative action is meant to address? Particulars: A small, private university l

Breastfeeding vs Bottlefeeding

I-Write an introduction on the topic of Breastfeeding vs Bottlefeeding II. Issue of Breastfeeding vs. Bottlefeeding (history behind the issue) a. professional view of the issue b. cultural view of the issue c. personal view point (individuals emotional point of view) Any help and information will be app

Sociological Theory

Could you help me understand what a sociological theory is? What is the difference between society and culture? What methods do sociologists use to conduct research? Where can I find information I can understand on Emile Durkheim's study of suicide so I can discuss his research question, his methods, and his theory regar

Functional and Conflict Perspectives

Dear Ms. Deb: Compare and contrast the functional and conflict perspectives in sociology. Include in your answer a discussion of their views of society, the individual and social change.

Behavior & Motivation

1-Are all of our behaviors needs based? Is sacrifice evidence that one can place their psychological needs ahead of physical needs? Share a time when you observed an example of did it make you feel? 2-Can a rich person ever effectively counsel the homeless or poor? Can a single person effectively counsel the m

Developing Hunches: An exercise

Hunches Develop a number of hunches about the clients in the following vignettes. What is the basis of your hunch (theory, experience, knowledge about social conditions, etc.)? Leah is a 13-year-old runaway living on the streets with a group of three other teens. They show up at the food kitchen occasionally, where a c