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    Assimilation Process & Social Change

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    1. Discuss the various factors that influence resistance to social change and give examples to support your answer.

    2. Discuss the various barriers that can impede the assimilation process for immigrants in the United States.

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    1. Resistance to social change is similar to resistance to change in general, and there are many reasons why people resist change, such as:

    The risks of change are perceived as greater than the risk of not changing. People feel connected to other people who are identified with the old way, so they would rather stay with the status quo than change. People may resist change because they have no role models for the new activity or behavior associated with social change. People may fear change, although they will seldom admit it, often associated with the fear that they lack the competence or ability to change. A fifth reason why some people resists social change is that they "feel overloaded and overwhelmed" by the change process. Sixth, people generally "have a healthy skepticism and want to be sure that new ideas are sound." For example, "healthy skeptics perform an important social function: to vet the change idea or process so that it can be improved upon along the road to becoming reality." so during the change process, it is important to listen to the "skeptics, and pay attention, because ...

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    By addressing the questions, this solution discusses aspects of social change and barriers to immigration assimilation in the United States. Related artciles and references are also provided.