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    Value of Diversity in the Workplace Sample Essay

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    From personal experience, select an issue in the work environment that may have been more successfully resolved by the presence of a diverse workforce. This paper should be 1,050 to 1,400 words. The paper should include the following:
    a. Include a thorough description of the issue. Be sure to describe the ramifications of the issue on the organization.
    b. Do not simply state that a diverse workforce would have been beneficial in the selected issue. Provide specific details regarding how diversity would have prevented the situation or would have facilitated a more successful resolution to the challenge. Justify your answer.
    Your research paper must follow the APA requirements

    1. Your introduction must have an overview of what you will be writing in the paper, giving the reader some information to guide him or her. This can be accomplished by writing (outlining) the stages that your paper will go through.
    Example: This paper first will cover ..., Secondly it will discuss ..., and lastly it will give ....
    2. Your paper needs to be organized. Your ideas should not be presented randomly without thought or order. Divide your work according to subjects and identify them with sub-titles.
    3. You need to have a conclusion. Do not add new information at the end of the paper. You need to summarize the main points of the paper.
    Example: This paper covered ..., Secondly it discussed ..., and lastly the finding(s) was (were) ....
    Your papers must have 3 references to follow your paper with regard to these requirements: a) 3 sociological sources from the UOP electronic library, 2) your textbook can be used only as the fourth source, 3) dictionaries are not a scientific tool and do not use them as a source to support your paper. Any paper without a reference page or quotation reference in the body of paper will be rejected.
    This is a research paper
    Needs to have at least 3 references that support the papers assertions and they must be directly quoted by the references in the body of the paper
    Paper needs to have quotations and references

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    Dear Student,
    The solution below is simulated - it's an occurrence in workplaces of diverse ethnicities albeit different players and details. I hope this solution will be of help to you. I encourage you to use this solution as a guide to look into your own experiences of similar events where diversity could have resolved a conflict/issue. Good luck and thank you for using Brainmass.

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    Abstract: This paper looks into diversity as a source of conflict mitigation and efficiency by providing a situational example. An explanation of the source of conflict is provided then a proceeding analysis provides suggested utilisation of diversity that could have avoided the conflict in the first place. A conclusion follows.

    Multicultural Corporate Issue: Alvex

    A US multinational company, Alvex, manufacturers of dairy products are branching out to the poorer regions of the Middle East. They are hoping to supply the needs of mothers - specifically baby's milk. In a recent study released by the UN, poor and non-oil wealthy countries like Syria, Lebanon and Yemen have shown that infants are not the provided the nutrients they need via breastfeeding due to a lack in the diet of their mothers. Nutritious food - vegetables, dairy, meat, and fruit - they are not always in balance and the 'greens' are usually unavailable due to the geographic conditions of the country (i.e. Yemen). Alvex has just successfully launched affordable baby's milk in South East Asia, meeting a need in the nutrition of infants. A successful formula and manufacturing as well as logistics system has allowed Alvex to manufacture nutritious Baby formula in the third world. They are hoping to provide this need in poorer Middle-East countries.

    The standard management system of Alvex is this - with headquarters in Houston, Arizona, they send a country management team reporting directly to Houston. They hire locally but only for management, marketing and supervisory positions. The decisions - marketing strategies, sales strategies - they are decided upon by Houston and implemented locally in the target market. Normally, the marketing team or local office would plan advertising, sales and marketing approach but since ...

    Solution Summary

    The Solution tackles the Value of Diversity in the Workplace by providing a sample-essay solution that discusses a fictional US multinational Corporation - Alvex - and an issue encountered by said multinational in the course of its operations especially in its ambition to achieve a global presence. The solution which is in the form of an APA-format essay looks into diversity as a source of conflict mitigation and efficiency by providing a situational example. First, the issue is presented and analysed then principles of diversity are included in the narrative to address and provide solutions to the problem. A critique of the original issue and team response is presented and an alternative set of response based on diversity principles are then enumerated. Altogether the essay numbers up to 1,236 words. References, both web and print are listed. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.