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Theoretical Framework

Outline for Research Paper

Help in research paper outline. The paper will analyze how a multicultural workforce might affect teamwork and communications in large companies.

Diversity Action Plan

A cultural plan we are building for Fed EX to use in the future. - What are the opportunities and different approaches we might identify to improve productivity, to improve problem solving, to grow the fed ex customer base or to just make Fed Ex a better place to work? - Likewise, what are the challenges we see Fed Ex will fac

Ethics Article Review

Locate an article from the past 12 months discussing ethics in accounting and financial decision-making. Use the Internet, or other resources to locate an article discussing ethics in accounting and financial decision making. Address the following items: Summarize the article. Discuss how the concepts of the article relat

Accounting Principles

1. Take a look at the Institute of Management Accountants website. Watch the Fall 2008 video under the membership section and share what you found interesting or enlightening about the accounting profession. What is the difference between a CPA and CMA? What characteristics are common to both? Why do you

Fantasy Sports Coaching: Boxing

Utilize any professional sports' team and then play "fantasy coach." You are the team's coach. Improve the performance of the team, and try to help them attain their peak performance level. Describe an organizational team and improve its performance as well. You will need to describe the current state of the teams' and


1. How would an employer ensure compliance with EEOC guidelines in the workplace, and what would the role of the manager be in this process? Provide some examples from personal experience. 2. Based on readings and personal experience, what are some values that are likely to be held in universal regard, and what are some value

Diversity Action Plan - FedEx

Discuss different approaches to productivity, problem-solving and so forth including communication barriers and challenges that diversity will present to the organization. Brief description of the entire assignment: Due to future trends in population growth, it will be more important than ever for organizations to prepare

Joe Chaney Case: Performance Coaching

Hi MS. Jones, Thank you for your help so far. I need your input on the following case: You are the manager coach in the workplace scenario on the following page. Refer to the "Joe Chaney" case and then answer the following questions, from the perspective of being Joe's manager/coach. 1? Utilize the performance diagnos

Conflict and Communication.

Andy and Martha have been married for five years. Both went to graduate school and have careers they enjoy. Andy is offered a promotion that involves moving to Seattle (1,500 miles away from their present residence). Martha is unwilling to move or live apart. Conflict develops. As you watch and listen to the video clip, evalu

Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication in the Workplace Paper This assignment asks you to describe, explain, and rectify a situation that illustrates an intercultural communication issue within a work environment. The paper should include the following: o A full description of the communication issue: Describe the context, the pri

Coach K vs. Coach Knight Case Analysis

Please help me out with the following questions regarding the cases attached. I appreciate your input. 1. Discuss: What are the key points that Coach K makes? Who is this man? What are his values, his character? How would you describe his leadership style? How did you feel watching the video clips? Was Coach K likeabl

Employment Practices and Legal Issues in Diversity

EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES AND LEGAL ISSUES IN DIVERSITY 1. What are some current issues in the news today regarding EEO? Cite at least three 2. "White males may experience exclusion, too." Provide examples 3. "Most persons who are discriminated against or who are harassed do not report the allegation or specifically do

Soc/315 Cultural Diversity-Diversity Action Plan Outline -Starbucks

Hi, Could you please help me with this assignment. I need this by today. I am having some challenges with it. I still need to answer 2 questions and do the outline. Can you please help with the 2 questions and help with the outline? I have done 2 questions see attachment. thanks Diversity Action Plan Outline -Starbucks

Cultural Diversity Gestures and Diversity

DQ Are certain hand gestures, or use of hands for different tasks or actions, considered offensive in some cultures? Provide examples. Student-1 In our very modern western culture, the sign of 4 fingers down with Middle finger up gestured at someone is clearly offensive - that needs no explanation. This would find no mea

Process Identification and Analysis

From the student: Wow, was this a hard assignment for the team.We came up with Nintendo as the organzation and the Production Procees (inventory to keep up with customer demand - why is it out of stock so much and why can't Nintendo produce the amounts needed - is it poor planning, etc.)? I have section A (A description of t

Cultural diversity and its effects and ways to manage them.

How may cultural influences lead to misunderstandings in communication of either verbal or nonverbal messages? Which factors or dimensions are of greatest importance in managing a diverse workplace, and which, in your experience, are of lesser importance?

Cultural Diversity: communication in a multicultural enviroment

Could you please help me with these 4 questions? DQ1 Describe an intercultural transaction in which you have participated during which one or more parties demonstrated an application of kinesics different from your cultural norm. How did you react to the difference? Did the difference prove to be a barrier to communica

SOC/315 Diversity in America

Hi Could you please help with these 2 questions? I will also will need references. 1.Is race a socially constructed term and concept?Discuss 2.Is there evidence for the glass ceiling in your workplace? Explain. If so, what can you do to address it? Thanks

Diversity in America

I need help with this assignment. Also need references. What is the difference between Hispanic, Mexican American, Latino and Chicano? Are there other terms that should be considered? Thanks

Strategic Plan Analysis

Hope you can help me prepare this paper. Prepare a paper in which you evaluate an organization's mission, vision, goals, and objectives and discuss the relationship between quality and each of the following ... a. Compare and contrast the management style at your organization with the management style at an organization t

Diversity Action Plan - Airline Industry

My team is preparing a paper on a proposed Diversity Action Plan for Southwest Airlines. My section is: Implementation and Changes A. Hiring changes B. Changes in training and evaluations of employees C. Changes for gaining more diverse vendors/suppliers Please provide help with this and references.

CULTURAL DIVERSITY Cultural Background Summary

Cultural Background Summary Using the UOP Material "You as a Culturally Diverse Entity,"(see Attachment) prepare a 700-word Cultural Background Summary of your personal cultural background. My Cultural background Native American, 49 year old male, married(wife is Hispanic) 4 children, youngest child of 3 boys, 26 years in

Sociological Perspective Paper

Watch a sitcom, drama, or reality television show "through a sociologist's eyes." While watching the show, imagine how one or more of the major theorists would explain the show's situation or story. Write a 700-1050-word paper including a brief synopsis of the show and an explanation of the events based on a sociological perspec

Lessons for Coaching in the Workplace

The purpose of the paper is to compare and contrast the coaching of one sports' coach and one organizational "coach," with the focus on your evaluation of the effectiveness of the coach in helping a(n) player/employee achieve his or her ideal performance state. Any sports' coach from any team or level may be chosen, as can an

Current Events Analysis

Locate an online current events article that discusses an issue of population, community or health. Discuss the article from the three sociological perspectives, considering the following: How do the demographics of the group affected impact the issue? What historical and/or contemporary sociological factors complicate

Ethics: Risk, Benefit, Deceit

1. In assessing risk to benefit, on what bases do you make the ultimate determination of how much risk is acceptable and how much benefit is necessary? 2. How do you determine when and under what circumstances deceit is allowable? What is the criteria that must be met? 3. It has been said that the end never justifies the

Popular Culture and Print Media

Can you help describe what roles print media has played in the development of American popular culture and what three trends propagated by the print media. How those trends effected people in regards to: 1) Consumerism 2) Work 3) Social responsibility 4) Happiness 5) The human body 6) Justice, law, and order Thank you

Responsible Consumption

1. Can you help me determine the role of individual responsibility and accountability in regards to television shows being the main contributor to creating violence in American popular culture? 2. Is there an ethical approach to the consumption of (television shows) popular culture that can minimize negative consequences?