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    Article Review: Content & Presentation

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    After reading the article assess its effectiveness according to APA guidelines.

    Q1.Assess in 100 to 150 words the presentation of the material. Is the content formatted clearly, and is it stylistically sound? Does it adhere to APA guidelines for expressing ideas and reducing bias in language?

    Q2.Discuss in 250 to 400 words the statistical analyses within the article. Does the article incorporate graphs or tables that facilitate understanding? Are the statistical analyses appropriate for the subject? Are they conducted correctly? Do they support the conclusions reached by the author or authors? Are there additional statistical analyses you may perform on this data to gain further knowledge? Are the statistics misleading or biased?

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    Article Review
    Title: Placement stability for children in kinship care
    Authors: Eleanor Lutman, Joan Hunt, Suzette Waterhouse


    The attached article is a study and assessment of the effectivity of kinship care as a more stable alternative child welfare and care arrangement to foster care. The article is written in a scholarly manner presenting arguments, facts and research to support positions and claims or to argue against misconceptions or findings that either go against claims of benefits of kinship care or support it. The authors are experts in ...

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    The solution is a 438-word 2-part Q&A review of the presentation, format & content as well as the statistics used and presented in an attached article (Placement_Stability.pdf) for the purpose of establishing soundness and reliability.