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    Media and Fair Trial

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    Should there be a limit on how much information is given to the public by any source to ensure a fair trial? How can we write laws that are clear and understood be the common reader? Did the media over exaggerate about the case of The Columbine shooting? Why media exaggerates stories?

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    To answer this question, one would have to decide what is too much information and where the line is drawn. It is difficult to do. Should details of a crime be published. I do not think so. This precludes the ability to just hear the facts in trial situations to decide a fair outcome. However, just identifying victims and perpetrators is enough for some people to prejudge the situation. If we can figure out how to stop the human mind from forming opinions then the public right to know is more ...

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    The solution provides concise discussion on the role of the media in relation to fair trial and court proceedings. as an example, the Columbine Shooting case is discussed.