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Pretrial Proceedings, the Grand Jury, and Venue

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What are some examples of when venue, or jurisdiction, may become an issue in a criminal case? Do you feel that it is fair to remove a criminal case from a VENUE simply due to media coverage? Why, or why not?

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This solution provides a thorough discussion with current examples of when jurisdiction or venue is an issue in a criminal case. A current case from the news is discussed and all relevant principles are presented. Includes 1 reference.

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We're actually going through this now in a town close by my home. Just over one year ago, a high school student walked into the local high school and killed three students, injuring more. This happened in Chardon, Ohio which is a rather small, tight-knit community. The aftermath was intense. The victims and their families received support from as far away as the United Kingdom, and many other places an even greater distance away. Every single person in Charon and the surrounding communities adopted the "one heartbeat" line. Memorials were built by the thousands, and the outpouring of support still remains intense, even ...

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