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Stages of a Criminal Trial

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List 6 stages of criminal procedure.

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There are about 6 main stages of a criminal trial. The first stage is the arraignment appearance. This is the first court appearance for the defendant. During arraignment, the judge asks the defendant if she has an attorney or will need the assistance of a court-appointed attorney. The judge will also read the charges that have been filed against the defendant. The defendant then decides to plead. The defendant can then plea bargain by fact, sentence and charge bargaining regarding the charges brought against her. She may also plead not guilty. The judge will then set bail for the defendant or decide to release the defendant on her own recognizance. The judge will also set dates for her future proceedings.

A preliminary hearing is held shortly after arraignment. The prosecutor will file a bill of information or grand jury indictment. The prosecutor with then give the defendant and her attorney copies of police reports or any other documents relevant to the case that was discovered. During the preliminary hearing, the prosecutor and defense attorney will question witnesses and make arguments regarding probable cause. Each side ...

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If the defendant is sentenced to jail or prison time, there are different types of sentences that she may serve. If she has been convicted of more than one crime, she may serve a concurrent sentence, consecutive, determinate, presumptive, straight or flat sentence, etc.

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Stages of a Criminal Trial

Stages of a Criminal Trial:

Help explain one of the stages of a criminal trial and in your own words describe the stage, noting its sequence in relation to other stages, the purpose of the stage, and any challenges. Find a criminal case and describe how the stage you chose was reflected in the criminal case.

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