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Selecting a Jury

One of the first steps in a trial is selecting a jury. How important do you think this step is? Is it possible to select a jury that will be more favorable to your client? If so, is that fair? What if your client has received negative media attention, is it still possible for him to receive a fair trial or will the jury ultimately be biased against him? Can you think of any trials that might have been impacted positively or negatively because of attention by the media?

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The selection of a jury is the most important facet of the trial for both the prosecution and the defense for several reasons. Effective selection of a jury pool can place individuals predisposed to viewing the evidence and ruling in a favorable way toward how the defense or prosecution is attempting to portray for their case. This entails choosing jurors based on detailed and concise questions that seek to weed out those that would be biased or unfavorable to either the defense or prosecution. The ability to effectively choose a desirable jury pool rests in the preparation by the defense and the prosecution wherein researching and presenting a thorough presentation to the ...

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The expert examines selecting a Jury. How important do you think this step is determined.