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    development of a jury

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    Identify rules that apply to the development of a jury and identify and describe specific landmark court cases that were used to establish rules you identify. What do you believe the future holds for the jury system used in the United States?

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    A common method for drafting jurors is to draw them at random (free from bias) from electoral rolls (known as allotment or sortition), lists of licensed drivers, or other broad-based lists of residents in the community (e.g., tax rolls, public utility consumers). Increasingly, courts combine multiple lists to compile the master jury list. In the U.S., the most common combination of source lists is registered voters and licensed drivers, employed in 19 states.

    Not all individuals who are qualified for jury service are necessarily required to service. Most jurisdictions provide a limited number of exemptions from jury service, which permit individuals to decline jury service. The most common types of exemption are for people whose job in some way precludes them (for instance, teachers, doctors, firefighters, politicians, people who themselves work in the criminal justice system, including the Police). Traditionally, occupational exemptions were reserved for those individuals whose unique skills or services were so indispensible to the community that their absence for an extended period would create a hardship for the community. Other common exemptions include those for individuals who have served as a trial or grand juror within a given period of time (typically 12 to 24 months) or sole caregivers of young children or incompetent adults. People can also be exempted on religious or ideological grounds, such as ...

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    The development of a jury is traced.