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The O.J. Simpson trial

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Research paper on the O.J. Simpson case.

Please help provide ideas and research for the O.J. Simpson case and examine the jury selection process, jury sequestration, jury verdict and the controversies relevant to the jury verdict.

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In reference to jury selection process, O.J. Simpson's high profile defense team hired a jury consultant to collaborate with the defense and develop a strategy for choosing the ideal jurors for their defense. The defense team used community surveys to ascertain whether jurors would fit their preferred mold, mock juries to develop an understanding of the type of jurors that would be receptive to their defense, and the consultant also assisted the defense team in developing rating sheets to allow each potential juror to be rated in reference to whether the defense team believed the juror would rule for the defense.

Jury sequestration in the O.J. Simpson trial was akin to being in prison according to the jurors and pundits that covered how the jury had been ...

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This solution discusses the O.J. Simpson trial and examines the jury selection process, jury sequestration, jury verdict and the controversies relevant to the jury verdict.

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Review the following website to familiarize yourself with some of the criminal trial history, paying attention to the trial overview coverage beginning on page 7:


Also conduct an internet search and review other sources for an overview of the trial.

Based on your reading, answer the following:

1. Do you believe that the OJ Simpson case highlighted any flaws in the criminal trial system?

2. Do you believe that media coverage plays any role in high profile criminal cases like the OJ Simpson case?

3. Does the outcome of the case say anything about the effectiveness and quality of juries in terms of verdicts they return?

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