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Theoretical Framework

Role of China and India in Asia

Describe what you feel is the historic importance of China and India to the rest of Asia, and how that importance is reflected today. Are there cultural and linguistic ties between Asian countries? Describe any current and historic political or economic ties, as well.

Need Statement elements

1. What is the purpose of a need statement? What should it contain? 2. What are some of the key factors that would help to determine whether or not an organization is ready to seek funding? Discuss why these factors are important.

Media Reaction

Prepare a response reviewing a current newspaper article, magazine article, television show, or motion picture that discusses or illustrates the portrayal of diversity in the media.In this assignment, address the following questions in relation to the selected article, motion picture, or television show: o Did the article

Behavioral Contract: Quitting Smoking

I am not quite sure how to go about making a "behavioral contract", what is the format? can you please give me some ideas on how to go about quitting smoking other than just quitting cold turkey, i have been trying to quit for years now with no success. Select a goal: MY GOAL IS TO QUIT SMOKING It is critical that your goal

Ethical Considerations and Marketing

1. What are some of the ethical considerations that marketing professionals face? How do these situations develop, and how should they be addressed? Be sure to include examples from your own experiences and your readings to provide support for your answer. 2. How has technology affected marketing? What types of activities,

Distribution channels and Integrated Marketing Communications

1. How will the distribution channels differ for an organization that primarily provides a service from one that produces a tangible good? What similarities will exist? What examples can you provide from your own experiences and your readings to illustrate these differences and similarities? 2. Integrated Marketing Co

Theoretical Marketing and Market Skimming

1.One of the fundamental elements of theoretical marketing is that no single product or brand can fulfill the universal needs of all potential consumers thereby necessitating an organization to undergo the process of segmentation revealing a refined target market ultimately based on similar needs. However, a dichotomy exists in

Critical Thinking - Sociology

Select three cultural universals from George Murdock's list (see list below) and analyze them from a functionalist perspective (this emphasizes the way in which the parts of a society are structured to maintain its stability). Why are these practices found in every culture? What functions do they serve? * athletic sports * coo

Maintaining Value Neutrality

How can a sociologist genuinely maintain value neutrality while studying a group that he or she finds repugnant (for example, a White supremacist organization, a satanic cult, or a group of convicted rapists)?

Marketing Research

Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet grocery store that has experienced significant growth and is now focused on expanding its services, improving the efficiency of its operations, and increasing the consumer purchase cycle. Use the Virtual Organization link on the page to access additional company information on Kudler Fine Foods. U

Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Overview

Hope you can help. Please see attachment. I need to present an overview of the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. Included needs to be the history, years in existence, overview of current industries and product lines, last year's annual sales or fiscal report or persons served, and any other relevant information.

Theme of German Politics and Culture

Please help or ideas for a research paper. Select a very focused problem or question within the theme of German politics and culture on which I will focus my research. I am having trouble with this and any topic ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Marketing Mix

1. Using information from at least three different sources, describe the elements of the marketing mix (product, place, price, and promotion). 2. In addition, select an organization with which you are familiar and describe how each one of the four elements of the marketing mix impacts the development of the organizationâ?

Surveys and Groups

We've all completed surveys in our lifetimes. Share a personal example of when you received what you feel was a poorly designed survey. In your opinion, specifically, what elements made the survey a poor research tool? Do you feel that the survey would ultimately be able to provide useful marketing data? Why or why not? What thi

Identifying Causes and Pressures Leading to Family Change

Please help me on identifying the significant changes in families that the society faces today. Details: Many experts cite the weakening of the family as one of the causes for some of the problems that society faces today. Do you agree? Include the following information: Identify important or significant changes in fa


Any assistance and input will be appreciated. Thank you so much. 1. Prepare a narrative paper in which you define marketing. 2. Include in your paper your personal definition of marketing and definitions from two different credible sources. 3. When writing your personal definition, do not use the first person v

Marketing and Marketing Methods

What does marketing mean for you? Define what the four Ps of marketing are and what tasks, activities and methods are classified into each. Be sure to provide specific examples to illustrate each? Describe some of the marketing methods used by your organization, or an organization you know well, and explain why these methods

The answer to Universal Human Rights

Read the "Universal Human Rights" article found on pgs. 229-231 and answer the following question: Are violations of human rights excusable in time of war? In the aftermath of serious terrorist attacks such as those of September 11, 2001? Why or why not?

The effect of sociological theories on social institutions.

Please help me with the following. Select one social institution (family, health-care, religion, education, mass media, political, or economic) as defined in the text. Using the Sociological theories of (Functionalism, Conflict, and Interactionism), evaluate the impact of each theory on the selected institution. In your pa

Mixed-methods Juvenile crime

The Juvenile crime theory presented will be of two positions rehab or punishment Present an example of a mixed method review (pragmatism) with the above methodology in of juvenile crime. Conclude the literature review with a brief proposal for a new study

Observational method

I need help in the following to start on a paper: Collect real time data using either an observational method or a questionnaire to analyze how people perceive or react to race in a specific setting (discrimination in the mall or at work or in a childcare setting). There is a fair amount of flexibility on the setting and vari

Hate Crimes: Definition, Offender Profile

In many cities throughout the United States, the prevalence of hate crimes has increased. You have been asked to provide your insight into this and recommend ways to decrease the occurrence of these types of crimes. Research the topic of hate crimes and address the following: - Create a profile of the typical individual wh

Language as an important element of assimilation for immigrating groups

Need help with the following please: Can English be maintained as the primary language in the U.S. or will portions of the U.S. have to become bilingual? Should this use of language and other non-Anglo traits be suppressed? If so, how, while still supporting the rights of individuals? Should Americans have to change t

Achieving and Maintaining

Any and all input would be appreciated and well recieved. Thank you so much with my studies. Text I am using: Lewis J., Packard T., Lewis M. (2007). Management of human service programs. Belmont: Thomson â?¢ Write a paper in which you formulate a framework for achieving and maintaining individual excellence for your l

Functions of human services organization

This hypothetical organization is entitled Prevention of Child Endangerment. The goal of this program is to prevent any child abuse (whether it be physical, verbal, mental, sexual, or any other type of abuse possible) that is suspected. I think matrix structures would be the best for this type of organization. This would be a


What questions must a human service organization ask when determining its budget? What are some of the work with measuring client outcomes? How might information systems help in this regard?