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Theoretical Framework

Social institutions are examined.

1) Explaining why the economic social structure called 'middlemen' forms. 2) State and defend your position as to: a) Whether or not middlemen will continue to exist. b) Whether it is good or bad that artists can reach audiences directly. 3) The literature is replete with examples of how social s

Family Social Institution

I need a couple of real world examples of how the symbolic interactionist perspective works within a family social unit. I also need a couple of real world examples of how the conflict perspective works within a family social unit. Are there advantages or disadvantages to either one of these perspectives?

Social Security

Discuss the history of social security, its effectiveness at inception compared to the present, and the future of Social Security. In addition, apply your knowledge and opinion to this question: Would you try to ensure the future of Social Security? If yes, what approach would you take and why? If no, what would you implement in

Social movement for same sex marriages

Why do you suppose there is a lot of gossip and mixed feelings about Gay person right to marry? Why is there always controversy about this issue on same sex marriages?

Social movement in the United States.

Barack Obama, the first African American President of the United States. Was this the result of a social movement? Or does Barack Obama becoming President of U.S have anything to do with social change in finally accepting minoritities as being just as quilified as a white person to be President of the U.S.

Comparison of Contemporary and Mythical Sacred Spaces

Provide an analysis of your chosen contemporary sacred spaces (those two you found within a secular entity) by comparing it to at least one other sacred place taken from a traditional ancient myth. Attached is download of the chapter. We are supposed to take an ancient mythfrom the chapter and do comparison of Arlington Nat

The value of social movements is explored.

Why is social movement or social change important? Is social movement or social change necessary? How can social movement or social change benefit us presently and in the future? Which theory works better for the social movement or social change? Functionalist, Conflict Theory or Evolutionary Theory?

Sociology question regarding US culture and assimilation versus pluralism

What makes the U.S. an assimilationist society? Who benefits and who suffers from it? Summarize the concepts of assimilation and pluralism. Is assimilation achieved in our society? I need scholarly resources and two to three paragraphs total. I understand assimilation means adaption to another culture and become integrated, a

Postmodern and Philosophical Assumptions in Research

You are a member of a research team that relies on a postmodernist lens. The research team is interested in submitting a research proposal to study depression among adolescents. In its first meeting, the team is discussing the following topics: - Their philosophical assumptions as researchers. - Their roles as researchers.

Hypothetical Postmodern question is posed.

I am submitting a hypothetical scenario on the subject matter of Philosophical assumptions as a researcher. I would like guidance on how one would view this scenario by addressing the following: You are a member of a research team that relies on a postmodernist lens. The research team is interested in submitting a research p

Tips needed to enhance paper on Postpositivism and Postmodernism

I am in the process of working on a paper and need some guidance or some additional insight to enhance the subject matter. Analyze the ontological, axiological, epistemological, and methodological tenets or assumptions following two epistemological paradigms: postpositivism and postmodernism. Assess the challenges and stren

Violence Against Women.

Is violence against women about women or violence in general? Which came first? Why does it continue?

Debate spanking as child abuse.

Briefly discuss whether spanking should be considered child abuse. How are child abuse and elder abuse similar? How are they different? Support your position with information from the course material.

Overview of advantages and disadvantages of becoming a parent.

What do you see as the greatest rewards and the greatest disadvantages associated with becoming a parent? What are the advantages and disadvantages to remaining childfree? Is there cultural pressure to become parents in the United States? If so, what is the effect of this pressure?

Quantitative Research

Could you please help me understand the following? Explain how survey and experimental methods, including components, terminology, elements, statistics, etc. are similar and different. Determine which kinds of research questions would be served by a survey or an experimental method. Examine the reasons why reliability a

Help needed to complete an assignment

Please help me to complete these paragraps. I am not american. I am just international students, so that is a little bit hard to me. Please think about what I am international students, when you write these papragraps. Thanks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How does religion affect health?

After reading the section on Religion and Health, discuss why religious people have healthier lives and live longer. Share your familiesâ?? church attendance and if, on the basis of the article, do you think it would be healthy for you to start doing so (if you donâ??t already).

Global cities concept by George Lipsitz

What does George Lipsitz mean when he argues that the â??local lifeâ?? and culture of large metropolitan cities such as Miami and Los Angeles have developed decidedly â??globalâ?? dimensions over the last decades? What has been the effect of economic globalization on the demographic make-up of these cities? How does music of

Function of the goddess myth

The elements and functions of goddess myths are explored such as earth, social order, and birth. Also, the basic functions of the goddess myth are discussed.

Case Study: Alcoholism

I am in the process of writing a comprehensive case study and would like some ideas on some interesting case studies for the project. The case study must include: Client History, Family History, and Specific addiction or compulsive behavior. The case study can be make believe and I will have to integrate my knowledge of con

Debate education in the United States briefly.

Conduct a class discussion on the general state of education in the United States, asking your students to address the following: Overall, how good a job do you think the education system in the United States is doing in educating its students? What are its strongest points? What are its weakest points? If you had the power to c

Important information about Norms

Sociologists recognize norms in two different categories; formal and informal. These formal and informal categories govern every culture's daily activities. If you were asked to temporarily take the position of a high school principal, from a sociological perspective, what norms would you want to govern the student's behavio

Social Stratification & Life Chances

I need help with these three questions: 1) Imagine a society in which there are no social classes- no differences in people's wealth, income, and life chances. What would such a society be like? 2) Would it be stable or would its social structure change over time? 3) How could you apply Max Weber's theory of strat

The Shrinking Middle Class

A middle class family is defined by what? A shrinking middle class presents what dangers to the nation overall?

Social Initiatives: NCLB & Medicare

For the No Child Left Behind Law and Medicare, provide the purpose of the initiative; analyze the program's effectiveness; and list ways in which the programs could be more effective.


What do you think are the primary factors that lead to divorce? - What is the effect of divorce on families? - Why do you think divorce is considered a social problem?