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The Shrinking Middle Class

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A middle class family is defined by what?

A shrinking middle class presents what dangers to the nation overall?

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The Shrinking Middle Class

Before we discuss the phenomenon of the shrinking middle class it is important to note that sociologically, society, especially American society is stratified according to social class. Elements considered in determining which class one belongs to include power, wealth, status, education as well as access to opportunities. Typically, American society is divided in Upper, Middle and Lower class. The Upper class is typically made up of a small percentage with the most access to wealth and power as well as status, controlling most of the resources of society made up of leaders, CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, industrialists and businessmen. The Middle class comprise much of society and, dependent upon quantifying methods used make up between 25% (upper middle class) to 66% (+lower middle class) of the American society (Chinni, 2005), with income ranging from $25,000 to $100,000 per ...

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The solution presents a discussion of the US Middle class, what constitutes it and the dangers hat a shrinking middle class can put a nation into. References are listed for the purpose of further studies. There are 650 words in the response.

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