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    Comparison of Contemporary and Mythical Sacred Spaces

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    Provide an analysis of your chosen contemporary sacred spaces (those two you found within a secular entity) by comparing it to at least one other sacred place taken from a traditional ancient myth.

    Attached is download of the chapter. We are supposed to take an ancient mythfrom the chapter and do comparison of Arlington National Cemetery, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier agaisnt.

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    The Tomb of Petroclus was the site of not only the funeral of Petroclus, but celebrations of military strength. It was also the site of his killer's humiliation. The tomb of Petroclus outside of Troy is also the burial place of Achilles who killed Hector, son of Troy, in retaliation for his death. Hector is buried nearby.In these burials, we find ...

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    The solution provides a discussion of the Tomb of Petroclus of Troy and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as sacred spaces.