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Theoretical Framework

Gina Marchetti is briefly summarized in terms of theory.

Gina Marchetti writes about the link between genre and ideology. Describe this link and discuss how it works in a specific example from the action-adventure genre. Further, what are at least two ways that the action-adventure formula maintains ideologies of gender, race, and class? How has the formula shifted in order to make co

Controversial issue relating to either sex/gender or the family

Go onto the Internet and find an article in which you have interest regarding a controversial issue relating to either sex/gender or the family. Briefly discuss the topic of the article. a. Explain what the article is about (include the link to the article in your essay). B. Provide your own suggestions on how the pro

Families: Evolving from pre-industrial times

Think about the stereotypical images of family life in the pre-industrial United States. How have these images been romanticized in the media and in elementary- and secondary-level textbooks and historical fiction? Give examples of how we are led to believe that eighteenth and nineteenth century family life was better than conte

Healthcare problems in the United States

Healthcare is among the most pressing problems currently facing the United States. The Interactive Reading and the video clip "Chambliss: Major Current Topic." a. Describe the current healthcare situation in the United States. Be very specific. b. Explain the ways in which a sociologist might provide information and anal

Theodor Adorno's music theory

Theodor Adorno argues that popular music and â??seriousâ?? music are fundamentally different forms of culture. According to his argument, how is popular music different from â??seriousâ?? music? Further, why is popular music different when it is produced by â??the culture industryâ??? What purpose does it serve for capital


Again another the question is board from the article in the text " The End of Easter" by Jared Diamond With humans so short-sighted and industrialization proceeding at such a furious pace around the globe, what will prevent us from destroying our environment?

The nuclear family as an ideological code

Although family forms have varied over historical and cultural lines, why is the image of the nuclear family so pervasive in American society? What are the implications of using the nuclear family form as an 'ideological code', or as an ideal family structure?

1) What is meant by the term "Sociological Imagination?" How can the Sociological Imagination be used to help understand families? 2) How are families political institutions? Why is defining "family" a political issue?

1) What is meant by the term "Sociological Imagination"? In his book, Introduction to Sociology, Anthony Gidden defines sociological imagination as "the application of imaginative thought to the asking and answering of sociological questions." In a specific sense it means imagining and understanding the relationships betwee

Association and Signifying Practices

What do du Gay et. all define as "meaning by association" and "signifying practices"? How do these processes create meaning for particular objects such as the Sony Walkman? As an exercise, choose a cultural object/product that is significant to you and discuss some ways in which its meanings are created "by association" and thro

Changing family life

Are the recent changes in family life in the United States due to changing family values? If so, how? If not, why not. Explain your answer.

Culture and Society: Elizabeth Long

According to Elizabeth Long, what are at least two reasons why culture was relegated to the 'back burner' in much of 20th century American sociology? Why has it become a more recent concern for us? Based on your own knowledge of sociology (particularly from taking sociology courses), how are these recent trends reflected or not

Social Class

Analyze (SOCIAL CLASS as it relates to clothing) in terms of current events taking place in our society today. In addition to using the course material, you are to go onto the Internet and find information pertaining to your topic which suggests that the issue you have selected is a current concern. (For example, bias in the

Inequality of Peoples & Nations

Why are some nations so wealthy and dominant in the world; while others are so poor and weak? This question is related the article "Why can't people feed themselves" written by Frances Moore Lappe and Joseph Collins. My book is not clear so I can not get started answering the question seems to be broad in nature. Please

Discuss social networks

Although virtually everyone participates in social networks, we sometimes do not think of them in these terms. Discuss social networks, making sure to cover the following: a. Describe what social networks are. b. Provide four examples of social networks, which are not in your text. c. Interpret social networks from the per

The Social Framework

1) Explain what is meant by "sociology." 2) Define what is meant by demographic, psychological, sociological, and behavioral viewpoints. 3) Using the definitions in #1 above, state and defend your position as to whether or not the traditional methods of classifying a generation are still meaningful in today's diverse and c

Question in Sociology

Which of these programs are the most appropriate and helpful in combating urban decay? Explain Why? I need two scholarly sources Condominium in-filling Urban homesteading Enterprise zones Job deconcentration Regional authority

What values, beliefs, and aspects of your upbringing influence your understanding of "family?" Discuss whether your personal experiences measure up to your expectations of family life? How does a conflict between your beliefs and your lived experiences impact how you perceive family life? I am writting an essay and I am stuck on these if someone could help me and guide me I would greatly appreciate it. Each question has to be about 300 words and I am just not getting it..

What values, beliefs, and aspects of your upbringing influence your understanding of "family?" Discuss whether your personal experiences measure up to your expectations of family life? How does a conflict between your beliefs and your lived experiences impact how you perceive family life? I am writting an essay and I am

Sociology and gender insights

What role can U.S. citizens play in attempting to ease the problems of global poverty? How would the answer of a modernization theorist to this question differ from the answer that might be given by a dependency theorist? Why do you think many people in this society resist pressures for change in gender roles? Is the stron

The Sociological Framework Exercise

Tutorial Module example for the following exercise: STEP ONE Choose an organization for which you will have access to the information so that you can answer the SLP questions about that organization. State the name of the organization, and tell me a little about its purpose (What does the organization do? Manufacture

Central features of biological theories of crime

Discuss the central features of biological theories of crime. Explain how each feature is similar and different from one another. Sociobiology Body Chemistry Constitutional Theories Early Positivism

assessing teacher qualifications nationwide

In assessing teacher qualifications nationwide, and based on his assessment, how has Henslin characterized teacher qualification in the United States? Answer Teachers are more qualified than ever in the history of education. American teachers are the most advanced in the free world. The strongest strength

Ethical Dilemma

Robert was interested in learning about the workings of professional burglars. Several years ago, he made contact with someone who could put him in touch with a professional burglar, although the burglar had retired several years ago. He contacted this person, who forwarded his interest on to the "retired" professional burglar.

Moral Holiday Problem

Sally, Monica, and Alice take several courses together. They study hard and lead their respective classes in test scores and achievement. Because they are so studious they lack a serious social life on campus. But next week is spring break and the three young ladies have decided to go to Cancun.They are planning on partying thro

Question in Research: Triangular Analysis

Max wants to test his hypothesis that unemployed men are more likely to commit spousal abuse than men who are employed. He is most likely to use a[n] ________ analysis to test his hypothesis. Which is the most likely answer? Please explain: qualitative quantitative triangular variable