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Moral Holiday problem

Sally, Monica, and Alice take several courses together. They study hard and lead their respective classes in test scores and achievement. Because they are so studious they lack a serious social life on campus. But next week is spring break and the three young ladies have decided to go to Cancun.They are planning on partying through the nights and having a wild and wonderful time. In view of their abrupt change in behavior, one can conclude that Sally, Monica, and Alice are:

Answer and explain-

suffering a cerebral meltdown.
planning a moral holiday.
cracking under the pressures of school.
following their natural biological instincts.

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In my opinion the answer to this problem is 'moral holiday' - when one takes a moral holiday, according to William James is very much necessary and legitimate. He explains (1904), ""The universe is a system of which the individual members may relax their anxieties occasionally, in which the don't-care mood is also right for men, and moral holidays in order... I fully ...

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