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Ways to Save for the Holiday Season

Along with good cheer, the holidays bring so many expenses--Christmas parties, travel, decorations and extra grocery costs. And all that is on top of holiday gifts! No wonder many Americans sink further into debt during the holidays--something that many work-at-home moms can't afford to do.

But by paying upfront, you avoid that post-holiday hangover. Even if the holidays are already close, these four strategies can help you save for the holidays and avoid holiday debt. Obviously the farther off the holidays, the more you'll save. But every little bit helps, and it's never too late to cultivate good financial habits. Have part of your paycheck direct deposited into a separate savings account that is solely for the purpose of saving for the holidays. Or, if you don't get regular paychecks, set up an automatic transfer to the savings account. If you are a born spender, note the extra precautions to keep yourself from breaking in to your piggy bank prematurely.

Spenders: Don't get an ATM card with your savings account. A trip to the bank will slow any impulse withdraws. Or, consider joining a Christmas Club. Many banks still offer these old-fashioned accounts in which an automatic deposit accumulates over the year and the bank cuts you a check in November.

What other methods are there?

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The word 'Holiday' is derived from the terms 'holy' and 'day'. It constitutes special vacations on occasions or religious days such as Christmas. This term has developed to signify the special days of rest or enjoying days with family members, relatives, friends, etc. Holiday season bring not only the sunshine and relief from the work tensions, but also add or increase the level of expenses beyond our limit, which directly or indirectly increase ...

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