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Marchetti's action-adventure formula

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Gina Marchetti writes about the link between genre and ideology. Describe this link and discuss how it works in a specific example from the action-adventure genre. Further, what are at least two ways that the action-adventure formula maintains ideologies of gender, race, and class? How has the formula shifted in order to make concessions to the dominant ideology? In what ways do these shifts challenge dominant ideologies, and in what way do they maintain them?

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First off, as you depict how Gina Marchetti writes about the link between genre and ideology, I feel like she shows that the action-adventure genres follow a definite, formulaic pattern where the protagonists typically seek something from a third world country, have conflicts with foreign villains, and also tend to search for captives characters who are missing in action or hostages as a general sequence in plot.

An example that you might consider is the Matt Damon film, Bourne Ultimatum. I feel like it reiterates Marchetti's theory as a handsome, ...

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