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Rookie Training Website discussion, CSI

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Discuss the Rookie Training Website Adventure including all aspects of Crime Scene Investigations that are included in the adventure. Try to find your score, talk about it and include in your discussion what you have learned from each aspect of the investigation adventure.


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The training website allows (you) to learn about aspects of Crime Scene Investigations such as DNA, Firearms & Tool Marks, CSI Ethics, and other vital areas associated with investigating a crime scene. The website goes beyond the glamor and fame associated with crime shows such as CSI on CBS, although pictures of actors from the show are on the site, and allows viewers to learn about the true nature of Crime Scene Investigations, which is tedious and time consuming. Viewers are able to learn about the processes involved in accumulating DNA, processing DNA, and how to most effectively ensure that what is processed and accumulated is ...

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Solution include a discussion of the Rookie Training Website Adventure, including aspects of Crime Scene Investigations included in the adventure. Expert discusses what is learned from each investigation.