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Ideas about family based on personal experience.

What values, beliefs, and aspects of your upbringing influence your understanding of "family?"

Discuss whether your personal experiences measure up to your expectations of family life? How does a conflict between your beliefs and your lived experiences impact how you perceive family life?

I am writting an essay and I am stuck on these if someone could help me and guide me I would greatly appreciate it. Each question has to be about 300 words and I am just not getting it..

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What values, beliefs, and aspects of your upbringing influence your understanding of "family?"

Values would include morals, right and wrong. Beliefs would be the views regarding discipline, work ethic, religion and attitudes. Aspects might include less significant things like did your family eat together at meals, did you play games together, curfew expectations etc.
My understanding of family was influenced by my upbringing. Family included extended family. My dad had a brother and sister who lived nearby with their families and his parents were also close. Birthdays were celebrated together and Christmas was too. Growing up we were taught a good work ethic and did many service type activities for other people. We were taught frugality and how to delay gratification and save money instead of spending it. We are Christians so going to Church on Sunday and being around other Christians played a big role in my concept of ...

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This discussion centers on the notions that individuals have about "family." What beliefs do individuals have and what do they do when their beliefs contradict their actual experiences in raising a family? This is discussed from my view as a parent. Over 650 words of original text.