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Intimate relationships

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A brief description of an ongoing relationship you have had with a friend, partner, or spouse that has been satisfying, as well as one that started well but cooled over time. Provide references APA, evaluate the factors or processes that might account for the differing outcomes of these relationships. Then, identify at least three factors that contribute to the formation and maintenance of a satisfying relationship.

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Dear Student,
Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. The solution below should get you started. As I understand it, you are being asked to relate from a personal viewpoint your experiences of relationships. Since this is social psychology, you are being asked to display knowledge of certain concepts pertaining to, in my view, identity, interaction, meaning-making and relationship-stabilization. Since you did not indicate that you are being asked to relate theories or to use certain materials/books, I am assuming that this is a 'free narrative' - a reflective exercise so that you can look into your own life and see how certain outcomes relationship-wise came to be. As such I suggest the following Outline:

1. Introduction - what is this paper about? Here, relate that this is a reflective piece about your relationship outcomes, one wherein the outcome was negative despite a good start and one that is ongoing and appears to be stable. About 200 words.
2. The failed-outcome relationship - here, relate the particulars and tell the story 'briefly' but as detailed as possible. About 250 words.
3. The on-going relationship - relate how it began, its ups and downs and why it has persisted. About 200 words.
4. Relate why you believe the first one failed - what are factors? Reflect on #2 above.
5. Relate why you think the current one is going well - what are the factors? Reflect on #3 above.
6. Assess how this exercise has affected your perception of yourself and relate concepts like growth, meaning and identity. Also include concepts like shared culture and compatibility.

The above outline out to cover the necessary areas for discussion. I have followed this outline writing this sample below. Obviously, this is a creative rendition based loosely on universal experience. But to make your own, you must reflect on your own personal experience. I believe however that you can relate to this as everyone goes through certain experiences and stages in life. If you need further explanation, just let me know via the feedback section. Good luck with your studies.

OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

Relationship Outcomes: A Reflective Exercise

In order for society to happen, it is necessary for human beings to interact. The interaction of individuals results to unions, groupings, engagements and sharing that lead to the establishment of culture, practices, belief systems and traditions. From an individual perspective, relationships contribute to our sense of self, how we come to cope with challenges, how our ideas of self and of others are shaped and the establishment and stabilization of our personalities. The social world is a dynamic web of interaction and relationships whether they are personal or otherwise. Intimate and personal relationships are important element in a person's life. Outside of our family, we get introduced to friendships and romantic ...

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The solution provides information,assistance and advise to students in tackling the problem (see above) on the topic of presenting personal experience as it relates to intimate relationships. A suggested outline of such a paper is provided as well as an exemplifying narrative that follows said outline written from a first-person perspective.Resources are listed, a word document is also attached, ready for printing.

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