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    Sociological framework study

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    Tutorial Module example for the following exercise:


    Choose an organization for which you will have access to the information so that you can answer the SLP questions about that organization. State the name of the organization, and tell me a little about its purpose (What does the organization do? Manufacture products? Sell services?).

    You may study an entire organization, or you may choose to study a smaller part (or subdivision) of an organization. For instance, you might choose your unit (if you are in the military) or your department (if you work in the private sector).

    If you do not have access to the information in an organization, you might want to select a company that has been reported as not meeting EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) guidelines. Using Google or Proquest, use keywords such as 'sex bias,' 'age bias,' and 'racial bias' to find articles that should properly orient you toward completing the SLPs. For example, quite a bit has been written to indicate that Walmart and Morgan Stanley were not in compliance with EEOC guidelines.


    Your second task is to use demographics to describe the organization or organizational subdivision that you chose above. Be specific, and use as many data as you can!


    Your third task is to select a wider population of which your organization or subdivision is part. The choice of that wider population will depend on the nature of your organization. For example, if you chose your military unit in Step 1 above, then you might want to use the whole Army for your wider population. If you chose a subdivision of an organization, then you might want to use the entire organization as your wider population. If you chose a business in a community (for example, a Walmart store), your wider population might be the city in which the business is located.


    Once you have chosen your wider population, you are to contrast and compare the demographics of the wider population with the demographics of the smaller organization you chose in Step 1 above.

    For example, if I chose my local Walmart store in Step 1 above, I might choose the city in which the Walmart store is based. You may need to do some research to find the demographic data.

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    I am going to use the Main office of a company called Whitaker Construction. It is a typical construction company, building homes in the $150,000-$500,000 price range. They employ office staff, superintendents, various laborers, and many sub contractors along with some teams for specific, key work. The main office handles the customer referrals to real estate division, all bookkeeping, data processing, invoicing, job folders, permitting, and customer service responses. There are nine separate departments in the main office.

    The main office demographics houses eleven employees, seven women and four men. One of the men is the owner, one is the manager of the dirt company that is owned by the construction company and the other two men work as superintendents in the local area. The men are ages 66 (owner), and 35-45 (superintendents and manager.) All the men, except the owner are married and the owner has a long term relationship with his fiancee' of 16 years. All have children.

    The seven women are all office workers with no management roles. The women are all married, except the reception/customer service woman who is single. The ...

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