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Should spanking be outlawed in the United States?

Not surprisingly, the President of the United States has an interest in the well-being of American children. There has been considerable recent concern over child abuse and the cultural practice of hitting children as a form of familial discipline (spanking). The President has always had generalized concerns about this form of discipline but does not want to take any action unless it is warranted.

The President has asked you to prepare an analysis of spanking in which you present relevant information and conclude with an argument regarding whether spanking should be legally prohibited as a disciplinary option available to parents. In other words, the President would like to know where is the â??fine lineâ? drawn between (spanking) and (abuse).

In effect, the President is asking for your assessment regarding whether spanking ought to be considered a form of deviance, or as an appropriate tool to be used in the socialization of children.

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Spanking is an issue that divides national opinion almost evenly. According to a poll in 2002 57% of parents say that they spank their children. Psychologists and child development experts are equally divided. Such esteemed organizations as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Psychological Association have refused to condemn spanking. For those individuals who claim that spanking encourages aggressive behavior and anti-social behavior in children, John Rosemond has a response. Mr. Rosemond is the executive director of the Center for Affirmative Parenting. He points out that 50 years ago almost all parents used some form of corporal punishment like ...

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This discussion regards the practice of spanking as a form of discipline. Should spanking be made against the law in America? Is spanking a form of child abuse or is it a legitimate form of child discipline? Over 400 words of original text.