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    Views on child labor

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    Child labor has been outlawed in the United States because it is exploitive and deprives children of a chance to get an education. It should be outlawed by the rest of the world for the same reasons.

    Children work in many developing nations because their help is needed to run family farms or cottage industries such as carpet weaving. Working also provides children with useful skills that they might not otherwise learn.

    Which statement do you agree with and why? Is your outlook it is ethnocentric or culturally relativistic?

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    Now as far as which statement to identify most with that is up to you. I will help you with the labeling of your outlook.

    Ethnocentric- this refers to looking at the world in terms on your own cultural values. The first statement would be an example of an ethnocentric ...

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    Discussion of ethnocentric versus cultural relativistic views of child labor.