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Empathy: How do you feel about the Penn State and Joe Paterno.

Empathy: How do you feel about the Penn State/ Joe Paterno.

1. Write a brief statement of your stance on the topic selected, explaining why you hold those views.

2. Researched the opposing views and discussed the points of agreement between the two views.

3. Discussed the points of disagreement between your view and the researched view.

4. Analyzed and justified how seeing the issue from two different perspectives has or has not altered your views on the topic.

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The recent sexual assault scandals involving Jerry Sandusky and surrounding cover up by Penn State's Joe Paterno and the university officials has brought to light a string of questions as to where the collective empathy of the America people lies. Is it with the young boys who were sodomized and sexually assaulted by Sandusky, a former coach assistant to Paterno, or is it with Paterno, an idolized Pennsylvanian coach who was aware of the assaults yet did not do all to his power to ensure that the matter was brought to light and justice. Though students at Penn State and others country wide have shown support for the coach, as an important figure in Penn state Paterno's actions cannot be justified whatsoever by his status in the community. His firing was justified. It is important to protect children from sexual abuse and assault rather than shielding institutions and organizations.

Opposing views on the matter:

Over the past days there have been opposing views over the firing of chief coach Paterno for not reporting child sex abuse that he was aware of. His supporters, mainly students with a blind devotion to football culture, have rallied behind him holding that he is not to blame for Sandusky's mistakes (TMZ magazine, 2011; Prothero, 2011). Most of this has been attribute to the uncertainty of how clear the law is about when child abuse should be reported.

Though it requires that it should be reported when one has reasonable cause to believe that a child is abuse, it does not specify how certain a person should be that a that the abuse is occurring before reporting it to the right authorities nor is there a generally acceptable standard regarding how much evidence of such abuse is to be presented when reporting the matter (Gale, 2010).

Those opposing hold that by not reporting the matter to higher ...

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