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    Poverty,Social responsibility & Gender roles

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    What role can U.S. citizens play in attempting to ease the problems of global poverty? How would the answer of a modernization theorist to this question differ from the answer that might be given by a dependency theorist?

    Why do you think many people in this society resist pressures for change in gender roles? Is the strongest opposition from men or women? Discuss

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    The U.S. and their citizens and business could ease poverty by being more proactive in teaching people how to grow their own food and make their own success. By helping modernize and update tools and methods, those in poverty could be taught how and given the proper tools for making their lives better. Teaching them skills for work in the modern world, teaching them financial skills, helping them obtain better services and essentials is the best way to ensure less poverty.

    A modernization ...

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    The solution provides advise and discussion of the questions and topics presented above(8see long description) in relation to citizen-role in easing poverty, comparing possible views on the topic by modernization theorists and dependency theorists. Additionally, gender roles and resistance to change is discussed.