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Sociological Terms

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Identify each of the following terms, concepts, and/or figures in a few short sentences:

formal organization
global stratification
modernization theory
charismatic authority
world systems theory
control theory
feminist sociology of gender
structural mobility
sexual harassment
social stratification
sociobiological perspective of gender
dependency theory

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FORMAL ORGANIZATION: A fixed set up rules that apply within an organization or company and that serve as procedure and explains the structure of the organization. It is usually set in writing and is written in a very explanatory way that leaves little to no room for interpretation - it is what is says.

GLOBAL STRATIFICATION: The idea of global stratification is one that looks at inequality or stratification between whole countries.We have a range between rich countries and poor countries, but stratification means much more than relative per capita income.The relations between countries is related to where they are ranked on a stratification scale.
Those relations are mainly economic, but also political and have elements in all six dimensions.
There are four main theories and explanations for global stratification patterns: (1) imperialism, (2) world system, (3) culture of poverty and (4) dependency theories.

Bureaucracy: A structure and set of regulations and rules that are set in place to control activity, usually in large organizations and government settings. It is characterized by procedures that include rule-following, division of responsibility based on one's status in the company (hierarchy). It is the way rules and procedures are enforced by higher up individuals in organizational settings.

MODERNIZATION THEORY: This theory explores how society has transformed into modern times and what social factors contribute to the change in society. ...

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