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Association and Signifying Practices

What do du Gay et. all define as "meaning by association" and "signifying practices"? How do these processes create meaning for particular objects such as the Sony Walkman? As an exercise, choose a cultural object/product that is significant to you and discuss some ways in which its meanings are created "by association" and through signifying practices.

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Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. The solution below should get you started. I have been fortunate enough to study under Hall and du Gay in England only recently and while it appears to be a difficult subject tackle, cultural studies and identity are very interesting. If you have any questions regarding the solution, just let me know and I'd be very happy to help you further. Good luck!

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Meaning Creation

Paul du Gay and Stuart Hall are scholars of Cultural Studies and Sociology. To understand what they mean by meaning by association we have to reckon to the notion of socialization and acculturation. As children, we learn from our parents, our family, our community and society language and culture. The most important component in all this is language because it is through language that meaning and knowledge is transmitted and created. Hearkening back to the ideas of Sausarre and Derrida, all words have 2 components - the signifier (the word and the representation) and the signified (the thing itself and its meaning). For example, in 'apple', the signifier are the letters and resulting word a-p-p-l-e plus the sound it creates when spoken 'Ap'+'pol', the signified is the fruit, varying shades of red, orange and green that tastes a particular way and is accepted and taken ...

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The solution is a concise 773-word narrative that discusses the concept of meaning creation according to the work of Paul du Gay and Co. especially in relation to 'meaning by association' and the concept of 'signifying practices'. The solution uses 'Wikipedia' as a sample #significant object of study' to show the many ways Wikipedia's meanings are created either by association or by signifying practices. references are listed. a word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.