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Social Issues

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Analyze (SOCIAL CLASS as it relates to clothing) in terms of current events taking place in our society today.
In addition to using the course material, you are to go onto the Internet and find information pertaining to your topic which suggests that the issue you have selected is a current concern. (For example, bias in the mass media is an example of a topic covered in the material for this week, it is of current concern, and there is information available on the topic which you can discover by conducting research on the Internet. NOTE: Mass media bias cannot be used for this assignment because it is part of another question.)

Write an essay using a minimum of 300 words to address the following:

a. Describe your topic
b. Describe information you found on the topic through your Internet research.
c. Draw a conclusion about this current concern based on your reading of the material in the course and the material you obtained on the Internet.
d. If you were to conduct original research on your topic, how would you go about doing this? Describe the research process you would follow.

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Solution Summary

The solution provides 2 short narratives that tackle current events taking place in society (Clothing and the Homeless, Homeless Youth), discussing what the topic is about, why it is of concern, initial information on the topic online and a concise proposal in how to go about researching each topic. references are listed for each for further studies. A word version of the solution is listed for further research.

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Dear Student,
Hello and thank you for using Brainmass. First I have created a short essay on the topic you listed. However, I have also put together another proposal that might be of interest to you which is also a very current issue. Perhaps you can propose this to your professor instead as it has more materials available online and is more relevant to today's public concerns? References have been listed for both to allow you sources for more information. Good luck!

OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

Suggestion 1 -
Current Events in Society - Social Class and Clothing: Clothing the Homeless

My topic, clothing the homeless is a topic that looks into an angle of a public problem. Homelessness is very real in America. According to the National Coalition for the homeless, about 3.5 million Americans are currently homeless with 700,000 of then children and teen. When one is homeless, one has no permanent shelter. This means one is unable to secure a safe and comfortable place to live. This means living rough in the streets being exposed to the elements and to the dangers of marginalization including exposure to the risk of street crimes from prostitution to murder. One of the most fundamental needs of the homeless is clothing and they acquire them either via donations or when they have access to money, buy them. A quick sweep of internet resources show government programs in clothing the homeless and donation programs by ...

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