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Youth Sports Programs

A brief history of youth sports is given. Competitiveness is discussed.

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In the 1890s the first youth sports programs were developed. Several key factors contributed to the development of sports. First, the industrial revolution led to increased worker pay and a shorter work week. This created leisure time. Second, due to the Keating-Owens Act, child labor was cut in half. This allowed more children the opportunity to play. Finally, the spreading economic prosperity from upper class down to the working classes meant more families could afford sports equipment. Finally, there was a growing obsession with collegiate and professional sports which paved the way for organized youth sports programs.

At that time, adults volunteered their time to coach the teams and only boys were allowed to play. Since then, youth sports programs have evolved to include girls. Currently, youth sports programs are a well-established social institution in America. At its inception, youth sports ...

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When did programs for youth sports develop? How has competition changed youth sports over the years?