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Is Obama's election the result of social change in America?

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Barack Obama, the first African American President of the United States. Was this the result of a social movement?

Or does Barack Obama becoming President of U.S have anything to do with social change in finally accepting minoritities as being just as quilified as a white person to be President of the U.S.

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You can only claim that Barack Obama was elected as a result of a social movement only if the social movement in question is the Civil Rights Movement which is over 50 years old now. In this sense his presidency could be considered a result of a social movement.

The fight against slavery and oppression in the United States has been fought by some individual or another since the Pilgrims arrived in ...

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This solution takes a look at the Obama presidency. Does the fact that Obama won the election prove that social change has occured in America? Is his presidency a result of social change? Does it mean that minorities are now accepted by the white majority? Over 250 words of original text.

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