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    Outline - "Obesity in America"

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    I need an outline for a topic that I have not started research on just yet. Therefore, you can have any subject in the outline and I can change later.

    The subject of the outline should be "Obesity in America".

    Additionally, if you have a paragraph or two on this subject that would help too.

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    Obesity is a very multi-faceted issue, so I presume you want to look at some of the major causes and correlations, historical rise, effect on obesity, and strategies for counteracting obesity.

    Let's start off with the history of obesity:
    - What is it?
    - What's the official diagnosis criteria for obesity?
    - When did it first become a trending issue in America?
    - List some statistics regarding the demographics of obesity in America: how many, where are they most concentrated?
    - Politically, how ...

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    The expert examines obesity in America.