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Education in the United States

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Conduct a class discussion on the general state of education in the United States, asking your students to address the following: Overall, how good a job do you think the education system in the United States is doing in educating its students? What are its strongest points? What are its weakest points? If you had the power to change just two things about the education system in the United States, what two things would you change, and how would those changes improve the system?

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Overall, I do not deem the education system in the United States as doing an effective job in educating its students as a whole. Because of extremely high dropout rates in many states, achievement gaps with racial minorities, poor student motivation and attendance in many cases, poor parental support and image of public schools, lags behind students in other nations, and the low teacher pay and respect in most states, I feel like reform is needed. Do you ...

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Education in the United States is briefly discussed.

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