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Polygamy, American Values, modern society

Polygamist Sect Hearing in Texas Descends into Farce. By Michelle Roberts Associated Press April 17, 2008.

On April 3, 2008 authorities raided a group calling themselves Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or FLDS in Eldorado, Texas. The group, which lives in a compound on a 1700 acre ranch, was closed off to mainstream society. The group, including 416 children, is suspected of being a polygamous sect. The raid occurred because law enforcement officials suspected the group of forcing underage girls to marry older men and of polygamy, or having more than one wife. This is an example of a counterculture or a group that has values that counter those found in mainstream society. The group left Nevada in the 1950s and has again made national headlines. As law enforcement agents precede with child custody court hearings, the case of the FLDS shows us the strength of cultural conformity. Countercultures are often isolated because of their disagreement with the dominant culture's constraints. This case shows cultural relativism has its limitations.

300-400 words please.

1) What is your perspective on polygamy in modern society?

2) Do you agree with any of these groups view on American values?

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Polygamy in Modern Society

From a sociological perspective, I'd say that there are 2 ways that can, to me at least, explain (or allow me to view) polygamy. First off, my reaction based on my culture, experience, beliefs and idea of a society in order is to look at FLDS from a deviant perspective. Here is a group of people behaving contrary to what we see as moral, just and ethical - forcing children to marry, brainwashing women, youth and children towards the practising of said ways - polygamy where men are in charge and where a singular leader and his tight group of core members dictate what the other members of their counter-culture group do. Deviance is defined as something that goes against or breaks away with morality and social order, putting to risk society via the threat of harm, escalation, violation or propagation (of dangerous practices and ideas). There are many ways we can argue why the practice of FLDS and Jeff Warren is wrong but at the very least if we even just focus on the notion of marrying off underage girls, sometimes sisters and cousins to one older man, that at the very lest is child abuse verging on rape even if the child 'consented'. There is no legal exception to this kind of ...

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