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    Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist Judaism

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    Choose one of the groups of Judaism and write a brief summary of the distinctive characteristic of this group (Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, or Reconstructionist). Consider the similarities and differences among the groups.

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    First, some core ideas that help understanding necessary to grasp why different groups exist:
    - Their ethnic identity is inextricably linked to their religious practices.
    - They do not insist on shutting others out, but they are very intent on keeping their practices untainted by polytheistic (or atheistic) influence, even to the point of regularly debating amongst themselves--even if that means debating within their own particular groups.
    - They tend to keep to themselves and do not push their beliefs on other people - things that make them an easy target for uninformed, defamatory "blame-shifting" (think Hitler), but also makes them prone to develop their own schools of thought over time.

    Second, I would think the easiest approach would be some major differences between Reformed and Orthodox; here is some info on them for that:

    "Orthodoxy is ...

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