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Eliminating prostitution would result in what consequences?

Whole books could be written on this topic but for the sake of brevity I will try to discuss the main points from my point of view.

First of all it needs to be understood that prostitution is only a symptom of a much deeper problem. Halting the practice of prostitution would be great but it will be ineffective if the underlying issues are not addressed. To illustrate this consider someone with an infection in their body that causes a fever. The fever can be treated with some medicines but unless the infection itself is addressed the fever will return. Prostitution is only a symptom of the glorification of irresponsible sex in most societies today. Prostitution is a result of relying on personal feelings and desires to make decisions rather than basing decisions on an objective and absolute standard of morality. Therefore, unless the glorification of irresponsible sex, in the form of music, movies, lifestyles of the rich and famous, etc, is addressed, halting the practice of prostitution will be impossible.

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What would be the consequences for society if we could effectively halt the practice of prostitution?

Having said this, the consequences of halting prostitution would be almost exclusively
positive. I say almost exclusively because the people who earn their living from prostitution would be deprived of an income. Consider the following positive consequences of completely stopping prostitution.

The health of the women involved, their customers and society in general would improve if prostitution were completely stopped. A majority of women who are engaged in prostitution are victims of physical violence from either their customers or their pimps. Most women who are involved in prostitution contract an STD at least once and many of them suffer multiple infections. These STD's may not be noticed immediately and are inevitably passed on to their customers who in turn infect wives, girlfriends and/or other prostitutes. The health and economic consequences of STD's are a drain on the nation, economically, morally and ...

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